Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lavender Hill Farm's Yarn

We've had our fabulous alpaca fiber made into skeins of yarn.  There are different weights as well as different natural colors to choose from.

Alpaca: Acura  Type: Worsted   # of Yards: 130  Ounces: 2  Color: White


Alpaca: Champ  Type: Sport  # of Yards: 120  Ounces: 2  Color: Fawn


Aplaca: JJ/Adonis  Type: Fingering  # of Yards: 200  Ounces: 2  Color: Beige



Alpaca: Kimora  Type: Sport  # of Yards: 150  Ounces: 2 Color: Black

Alpaca: Sabrina  Type: Lace Weight  # of Yards: 200  Ounces: 1  Color: Black


 Alpaca: Smokey  Type: Lace Weight  # of Yards: 380  Ounces: 1  Color: Black/Brown


Top: Acura  Middle:  JJ/Adonis  Bottom: Champ

 Top: Kimora  Middle: Smokey  Bottom: Sabrina

Top to Bottom:  Acura, JJ/Adonis, Champ, Kimora, Smokey, Sabrina

Warm Days in February!

We enjoyed temperatures in the 50's on February 16th, 17th and 18th.  The alpacas loved being outside munching on their hay in the warm sunshine.

Bella and Rose Petal soaking up the sun.

From left to right.  Mateo, Smokey and Champ.  These three guys were all born in 2008 on Lavender Hill Farm.  They're always hanging out together.  The three amigos!

Mateo and JJ enjoying some hay.

Champ aka Lavender Hill Farm's Champagne Wishes.

The Gent, Kimmy and Acura taking a break from their hay for a photo.

Ambrosia and Peg.

Sabrina and her cria, Mellea, eating hay together.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Progress on the Barn

We're so excited to see all the work that has been done on the barn since the barn raising even though this winter has not cooperated too well!  As of today, a lot of the siding is up on the first floor, the stairs are in, and most of the windows and doors are in also!  We'll be in there making crafts in no time!

February 17, 2011  The siding is now complete on the whole first floor!  The front and back doors are also in.  The barn is really taking shape.

This is the view of the back of the barn. Only the dormer and the window are left to finish on the back.

The barn is looking great!

The Barn Raising December 18, 2010

Lavender Hill Farm is in the process of having a timber-frame barn built by Mystic Timber Framers.  This barn will be home to our new alpaca yarn and clothing boutique, as well as our fiber arts and glass arts studio.  December 18, 2010 was the barn raising.  The Mystic Timber Framers brought a crew of about 10 men and we had a good number of friends and family come by to help and watch this magnificent building go from nothing to a sturdy frame in just one day.  Since the barn raising, two carpenters from BMG Construction have been working on the barn as long as the weather has allowed them.  Now the roof, most of the siding, the windows and doors are all in!  We're excited to get into the barn and get to work!

This is well before the barn raising.  Here, the foundation has been poured.

We will be cozy while working in this barn with radiant heat!

The floor is poured and now we're ready for the barn raising!

This is the morning of December 18, 2010.  The day started off a little chilly, but ended up being beautiful!

With the help of a crane, the first four sets of posts and beams went up really fast.

Almost half of the roof rafters are up.  You could tell the crew has done many of these barn raisings, they worked very efficiently. 

The great group of guys from Mystic Timber Framers who did such a great job on the barn raising!

National Alpaca Farm Days September 25-26 2010

This year Lavender Hill Farm participated in our first National Alpacas Farm Days weekend.  We enjoyed great weather and a great turnout!  Visitors enjoyed seeing the alpacas and feeling their fiber, learning about alpacas and what it takes to care for them and had the opportunity to buy apparel made from Alpaca.  There was also fiber demonstrations showing how to spin alpaca fiber and how to do needle felting.  Visitors were also able to have a photo taken with two of our well behaved male alpacas, Champ and Mateo.  Homemade breads and cookies as well as drinks were available to those who came out to visit our farm.  It was a great weekend!

We had hats, scarves, gloves, socks and dolls all made from alpaca for sale.

The refreshment table.  In the background you can see signs of each alpaca with their name and photo so you could identify each one.

Many visitors enjoyed having their photo taken with Champ and Mateo.

Paulette Batchek demonstrated how to spin alpaca fiber.

A Look Back at the Birth of Mellea

Mellea came into this world on June 20, 2010, Father's Day!  Her Dam is Sabrina (black) and her sire is Avalon's Peruvian Polaris (white). 

Just minutes after birth.

All the alpacas are in line to greet her!

Peg saying hello to Mellea.

She's all dried off and is up checking things out.  She is a pattern, light fawn and white.

Here she's getting that very important colostrum.

Look at those cute feet!

Mellea has grown and grown over the past months!

Enjoying a nap with her Mom.

This is Mellea at three months of age.

This is Mellea at 7 months of age.