Monday, June 1, 2015

The Shop at Lavender Hill Farm is Open on Weekends!

The shop will be open every Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 - 4:00.  Stop in to browse alpaca apparel made in Peru (where they originate) such as hats, gloves, scarves, socks, sweaters, throws and bears.  We have roving and yarn that was made from our alpaca's fiber.  We also offer hand made soaps, felted ornaments, stained glass sun-catchers, rag rugs and catnip.
The shop is a post and beam buidling, built by Mystic Timber Framers in 2010.

Be sure to visit the barn where our 21 Huacaya alpacas, 12 hens and horse reside.

Welcome to the barn!

The alpacas are curious, gentle natured animals that love to have visitors come to see them!  You can get really close to these unique animals and even feed them hay.


Shearing 2015

We were so lucky to have the most perfect day for shearing this year.  Shearing was on Friday, May 8th and as usual was done by Rick and Jeremiah from Twist of Fate Spinnery of Portland, Connecticut.  This year the Connecticut television show, Better Connecticut, was at the farm to film shearing and to interview Paulette and myself!  To check out our farm on Better Connecticut, click this link

It was great having Melissa Cole and the camera man, Eric, at the farm for shearing day!  They had a great time watching shearing and seeing the alpacas afterwards.  They even interviewed a couple visitors that were at the farm to watch shearing also!

 Jerry is almost finished being shorn and is about to have his teeth trimmed.  Some of the alpacas had their toenails trimmed also while they were restrained for shearing.

 Rick (man standing on left) is referred to as the head holder and is an essential part of the shearing team.  He maneuvers the alpaca while Jeremiah (shearing on right) shears the alpaca.  They are a great team that works very efficiently together.  They make shearing less stressful on the animal by getting them done in less than 10 minutes an alpaca.  Kevin and Pam are seen collecting the fiber as it comes off the animal.

These three girls are ready to be sheared.  Acura (on left) is mother to Rose Petal (center) and Mia (on right).  They will feel much more comfortable for the summer weather once their fiber is off them. 

Here's a close-up of an alpaca being sheared.  The fiber is beautiful!

Our new row of tulips, we just put in last fall, turned out great!  They bloomed beautifully, just in time for shearing day!

The alpacas have all been sheared for the year.  Now they can enjoy the summer in comfort!

These are all the blankets off of each alpaca!  The blanket is comprised of the sides and back of the alpaca and is the best fiber for processing.  Look at all that fiber!

  You can stop by to see the alpacas on weekends from 10 - 4 each day!

~ Rose