Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Shearing Day

We were very lucky to have such great weather for shearing day!  Rick and Jeremiah from Twist of Fate Spinnery were our professional shearers once again this year.  They are so efficient at what they do, making shearing as pleasant an experience as they can for the alpacas.  Each animal takes less than ten minutes to complete and this includes toenail and teeth trimming if necessary.  Our job during shearing is to keep our fingers away from the sharp clipper blades while we gather up the fiber as it's being sheared off the animal.  Alpacas are only sheared once a year, so this is a very important day on the farm.  It's so cool to see the fiber coming off the animal and to see how different they look once it's all removed!  Visitors are always welcome to come watch shearing and this year we had quite a few stop in to see this unique process.  We even had a Girl Scout group come to watch!  Now the alpacas are more comfortable for the summer weather that is upon us.  Here are some before and after photos!