Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Shearing Day 2014

Shearing Day was Friday, May 9, 2014.
 Jeremiah and Rick from Twist of Fate Spinnery were our shearers once again. 
We enjoyed a perfect day weather wise!

 Mateo is first in line to be shorn.  We start with the white alpacas and work
our way through all of them until we end with the black ones.  We do this so that as we collect the fiber there's a less chance of different colors getting mixed together.  
The shearing area is swept between each alpaca.

 Mateo during shearing.  In this photo, only his blanket has be shorn.

 Mateo after shearing.  What a difference!

 The next photos show Buddy's blanket being shorn off in succession.

This is the blanket.  It comes off as one big piece.

 Ember's tail is getting trimmed.

 Look at all that fiber!  We set it out to air dry since it was a little damp that morning.

 Sabrina is having her teeth trimmed.  If need be, the alpacas will also have
 their toenails trimmed during shearing.

These are the clippers that the shearers use to get the job done.
  You want to be sure to keep your fingers away from those blades as they are very sharp!

Alpacas Before Shearing

These photos are from the spring of 2014 before shearing, while they still have a lot of fiber.

 Miko, Champ, and Smokey just hanging out.

 Champ always appears to be smiling.

 Buddy is too cute with all his fiber.

 A group of boys hanging out around the wheel barrow.

 Mikey, can you see from under that top knot?


 Smokey.  You can see the plywood and plastic in the background, 
which is how we close the barn up for the winter to keep the wind out.

 The boys enjoying some hay.  The alpaca laying with one leg out is Buddy.

Winter 2013-2014

These are photos of our alpacas at Lavender Hill Farm 
during the winter of 2013-2014.

 Kimmy coming in for a close up as Acura and Rose Petal soak up the sun in the background.

 Champ and Smokey saying hi!

 Mella, on the left, is Sabrina's cria.  She is about 3 1/2 years old in this photo and has outgrown her mother!

 Champ and Smokey displaying how they use their bodies while
 fighting with each other.

 The girls enjoying their breakfast on a cold morning.

 Peg with a snow face!

Ember's snow face.

 Miko doesn't mind laying in the snow.

 JJ after eating his breakfast in the snow.

 Peg loves when the snow weighs the pine branches down
 so she can snack on them.

While shoveling the snow off the roof of the barn,
I was able to get a shot of the alpacas from above.

 Mia is being silly with a stick in her mouth.

 Smokey is striking a smile!

 Miko is too cute while taking a little nap.

 Miko is in mid roll in this shot.

 Buddy appears to be full, enjoying a nap after breakfast.

Ambrosia is our only grey alpaca on the farm.