Saturday, February 3, 2018

Alpacas in the Winter

The alpacas have plenty of fiber to keep them warm throughout the winter.  They don't mind to be out in the snow at all.  Here's some photos of the alpacas from this winter so far!



 Rose Petal



 Rose Petal and Acura









 Buster Brown


It's the New Year!

And just like that we're onto 2018!  We had a very busy holiday season and have been able to keep our doors open on the weekends for all but two weekends where we had absolutely frigid temperatures.  We hope that those who received a gift of alpaca this holiday season are thoroughly enjoying the warmth and softness of them!  Here's some photos from the holiday season and this winter so far!

 We had two "Very Christmas Evening" events this year, one of which was on December 9th.
We got a beautiful show of snow that night!

Even the chicken coop was decorated for Christmas!