Monday, August 15, 2011

A Cria Is Born!

On June 22, 2011 Mia gave birth to a male cria.  He is white in color and weighed in at just under 15 pounds.  He has been very energetic and has a presence about him.  This is Mia's first cria. 
His name is Michael The Great, Mikey for short.

Mikey moments after birth.

He's trying to get on his feet already!

Proud Mia and her cria.

Nursing, getting essential colostrum.

Taking a nap.

Two days old and he was out and about, moving great on his new legs.

Here he is at a few days old bucking and bronking.

Mikey meeting Peg.

He's a really curious guy!

Shearing Day May 1, 2011

This is how the alpacas looked before shearing day!

This is Champ and Mateo the day before shearing.

Peg before shearing.

Buddy before shearing.

Buster before shearing.

Jeremiah and Rick from Twist of Fate Spinnery come to our farm and carefully shear all the fiber off our alpacas one by one.  Shearing takes place just once a year.   
Once the alpaca is safely on the ground the blanket is shorn off first.  This is the area of the back and sides of the alpaca.

The alpaca is rolled to the other side to complete shearing the blanket off.

The ropes are being put around the Buddy's leg.

Buddy's blanket.

Smokey's blanket.

Champ, Mateo and Smokey the day after shearing.

Peg after shearing.

Champ after shearing.

Acura after shearing, soaking up the sun.

There is such a difference in how the alpacas look before and after shearing!  Now they're ready to grow their fiber for another year.